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The importance of colors

What does that color mean? Since we are born, our eyes continually pick up a rainbow of colors that our brain then processes, giving us the wonderful feeling called “color.” For ever, man has associated and paired with each color a particular meaning, a state of mind, something beyond the purely physical state, beyond the phenomenon of electromagnetic radiation. And this metaphysical meaning is very often born thanks to associations inspired by nature.

As we all know, we all associate ourselves with a sunless, cloudless day with a blue sky a feeling of well-being. It is for this reason that the meaning of blue has a positive value, as well as the yellow of the sun. Red, since antiquity, is coupled with the color of blood and is why man has given him the strong meaning of passion. Not to mention white, a symbol of purity or black that reminds of death. Over the centuries, man has used colors to describe moods, thoughts, ways of being, virtues and weaknesses. The colors speak and maybe, sometimes, are more pungent and descriptive of the words. But not in every culture in the world every single color has that specific meaning.

Color is nothing but the perceived perception of the eyes of light reflected by an object. The basic colors from which all others are obtained are three and are called primary. By mixing the primary colors in equal parts, you get three new colors (secondary). The different color shades perceptible by man are about ten million. Very often we are asked: what is your favourite color? The answer to that question can reveal many aspects of a person’s personality. Men are very often influenced by the colors of nature and it has been shown that blood pressure, appetite, and mood are influenced by the colors.

Pantone is a company that understands the importance of colors and decided to produce shoes that are able to reflect, through the shades of colors, moods and ways of being. Pantone color shoes are made with care and passion, using unique and original colors to meet the needs of everyone. Comfortable, beautiful and stylish shoes that will make you feel comfortable and always trendy.

In conclusion, the choice of colors that make you feel good, especially in clothing, is an important step, to communicate moods and emotions.

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